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The Ultimate Programme

Ultimate is one of very few Performance Sports in St Andrews, alongside more established sports such as Football and Golf, and has priority access to facilities and support. Many major sports are not part of the performance programme, so we are honoured to be involved. Our athletes receive incredible support throughout their university career.


Here are some of the things we offer:


  • A full-time Director of Ultimate, Benji Heywood*, who runs the squad sessions, provides individual throwing sessions, and generally helps the club to run smoothly.


  • Amazing facilities:

            Dedicated top quality grass Ultimate pitch – as used when St Andrews hosted WUCC 1999

            Regular access to a floodlit rubbercrumb pitch for year-round evening practices

            Brand new 8-court indoor hall

            Access to the brand new S&C suite, only available to ‘Performance Sports’ like Ultimate, and expert S&C staff to

               write and supervise our weight program

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  • Four coached sessions per week available to every player (2x Women's, 2x Mens, plus Mixed & Open sessions) plus daily coached drop-in throwing sessions and recreational ultimate sessions


  • Preseason training in September and January, with top guest coaches (recent examples include Felix Shardlow and Melissa Witmer)


  • Significant funding for travel, accommodation, tournament entry etc.


  • Funding for athletes who compete internationally – for example, the students attending WU24s in Australia had their flights and accommodation covered, as well as having had full support through the trials process (transport, hotels, breakfast etc for all the training weekends and warm up tournaments in the UK and Europe) at a total cost per player of some thousands of pounds.


* Benji writes this blog, and wrote these articles for Ultiworld; he sits on the WFDF Rules Sub-Committee and acts as a WFDF game adviser; he was the competitions manager for both WU23s and WUGC in London, and is a Coach Educator for UK Ultimate.